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Anxiety Help and the Sudden Title Change of True Christianity

Episode Summary

We talk about experiencing anxiety, then Dr. Jonathan Rose unfolds the mystery of Swedenborg's last minute title change to True Christianity. To close it out, we go to the end of the last summer of Swedenborg's life in 1771 to see what final books he was working on this week in history.

Episode Notes

"Inside offTheLeftEye" is a new podcast offering by the offTheLeftEye team with original material every week coming to you on Sundays. Hear exclusive interviews with Curtis Childs, host and director of offTheLeftEye, news and insights from the work of the New Century Edition translation of Emanuel Swedenborg's theological works with the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Rose, sneak previews and extras of all the content offTheLeftEye produces, and even from Emanuel Swedenborg himself—well, at least the record he left of where he was and what he was up to  this week in history—in every episode of Inside offTheLeftEye, hosted by Chelsea Odhner. 

Music by Tim Bragg

"Swedenborg’s Manuscripts" by Frank S. Rose in Emanuel Swedenborg: Essays for the New Century Edition on His Life, Work, and Impact.


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